INFJ (Prod. J1K)

by Contrast

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This song is about Contrast's personality type told through word play with a chill hip hop twist.


I'm walking all alone and the night's cold thinking bout that girl that was there until I needed her the most
thinking bout my past sick of living' on my own wishin' she was still with me here laughing at my jokes
joke's gone now I'm a pessimist
livin' in distress turning down all the complements
need some common sense tired of being irrelevant
not settlin' for less than I'm worth that's a Godsend
Bout ta drop some fire of the water that y'all wade in
no I'm not yeezy but I'm amazin'
no one can decipher all the music I'm creatin'
you can call me doctor the world is my patient, aye

I've got some meds for your soul
I got some heat for the cold
I'm bout ta gas up and blow
i've got some meds for your soul

Sick of all your lies I feel dead inside
bout to take a ride outside without a disguise let em see my face
don't know what I would do without grace
my stress levels high man i'm stuck in school daze
four years for a piece of paper knew what I was gonna be before I had the paper
now I'm seeing green haters dissipate like vapor
blow a smoke ring and get back to em later
or should I say never 'cause I'm always getting' better
ranking up levels man I'm gettin' close to heaven
all the bottom feeders are chillin' with the devil
bars poppin' off like grease on the kettle


You were still in love with another man I was just the interlude until you rediscovered him
it's safe to say I lost a friend but the grass cannot grow without clouds rollin' in
should I smoke and drink gin to forget or jot it with a pen? guess which option I picked
dealin' with my problems I can't put em to the side
feelin' kinda numb I can't even sleep at night
insomnia is chronic need an ambien tonight
sleep walkin' to the mic sleep talking rhymes
got a couple dimes spittin' lines but I cannot break change
keep the 100 in the bank
see me moving militant bustin' like a tank
staying in my lane and i'm always shootin' straight
think you can do better I'll wait...(crickets)



released June 12, 2016
beat by J1K



all rights reserved


Contrast Los Angeles, California

Jacque Dewalt, A.K.A Contrast, is an aspiring Hip-Hop/Rap producer and artist based in Cali. He is one of many grandchildren to the famous Jr. Walker (and the All-Stars). Contrast's goal is to Glorify and spread the name of Jesus Christ through his music and lifestyle. ... more

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