Weightless (Prod. Contrast)

by Contrast

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Debut Single


I'm out here and I'm weightless
I pack a punch that's knockin' heads no gravity to tame it
Not living' Basic, I got some steam I need to blow off
And some dreams I need to show off going hard until I doze off into space
I finally found the better days
But that doesn't change the fact that I still think about you babe
And I miss your warm embrace but I had to leave my comfort zone and find the milky way
Just so I could let this song play
I spill my whole heart into this pad
Hoping that it brings some healin' from my broken past
Hoping that I see the light inside of this black hole
Praying that God hears me and takes me home
I'm never gonna quit until I die
I killed a lot of beats need just one to take flight for me one time
One time one time baby one time
Tonight it's just you and I

Tonight it's just you and I
Tonight it's just you and I

Name a rapper that is fresher
Oh that's right you don't remember
That Hypothesis is null my bars is Chill like it's December
Pass out L's to all contenders I'm the new official vender
and I hand 'em out for free, supply meets demands by any means
Sippin' on my coffee while I blow up on the scene
Even when there's gravity I flow around with ease
Gotta Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Contrast on the beat, Ima certified Cali G
Now that I'm in space all I do is make records
So that I can Change lives, Aye kid, pick yo head up
Not focused on the ladies or even driving Mercedes
Theres a lot of stars out here and one of 'em is my baby
And one day she'll drive me crazy but until then I'm just waitin' for the stars to align
until then I'll just keep baking
I'm Chef, Contrast cookin' with finesse
Let me take you out to dinner and show you I'm the best

Tonight it's just you and I
And i'm given' you all of me

I den learned all of the street knowledge
Now it's time to go to college get the book smarts and benefit from homage
Conglomerates telling' me I'm nothin' 'till I graduate and diss 'em with the doctorate
I rocket while these rokit's drop it I go subsonic with work play projects
you cannot stop it I spit the hottest fire
I'm coming at you with a deep desire
gonna give you all I have 'till God disconnects my wire, oh!
I'm giving you all of me
I'm grinding to the bone, it ain't hard to see
that you ain't never never gonna go as hard as me
using triple negatives positively, ha ha!


released April 27, 2016
Mixed by Dan Bos



all rights reserved


Contrast Los Angeles, California

Jacque Dewalt, A.K.A Contrast, is an aspiring Hip-Hop/Rap producer and artist based in Cali. He is one of many grandchildren to the famous Jr. Walker (and the All-Stars). Contrast's goal is to Glorify and spread the name of Jesus Christ through his music and lifestyle. ... more

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